(Cover faces plz) Cape Town-01-02-2013:This is a couple that are prepearing for divorce from their Muslim marrige.Picture Mlondolozi Mbolo reporter Warder.

Cape Town - A Cape Town woman who refused to have sex with her husband for seven years is now suing him for a whopping R1.3 million – because he took a second wife.

In an interview, the husband said that he had been patiently waiting for his wife to fulfil her marital obligation, but claimed she always had an excuse ready for not sleeping with him.

Now the wife, who can’t be named for legal reasons, has left him.

And she wants to sue him for R1.3 million – because he took a second wife.

But the businessman, 30, said his money-grabbing first wife is not entitled to one blue cent – and that he will fight her all the way in the highest courts.

The bitter husband said his first wife, to whom he is still married, has turned their union into a mockery.

“For the first year of our marriage, her excuse was that she was bleeding continuously, she said it was because of the contraceptive she was on,” he said.

“After that her excuse was that she was too tense, or that she simply wasn’t ready, but she kept promising ‘tomorrow night’.

“I told her a man has needs, and what does she tell me? ‘I’m not ready, do what you have to do’.

“Now what do you make of that?”

Five years later, the frustrated man married his second wife – but his first wife was angry.

She packed her bags and went home to her family two months ago.

“She told her mother I took a new wife and that we had a child together, but when I told her mother why, she was shocked,” he said.

The jilted husband said his mother-in-law encouraged him to keep wooing her daughter, but she refused to budge.

He said he even sought the help of Islamic marriage experts.

“The sheikhs looked shocked when they heard what I was going through,” the husband said.

Islamic clergy members said that, under Islamic law, a wife must have “sound reasons” for refusing her husband.

“One has to take into account the marriage contract and any verbal agreements that were made,” explained Sheikh Ebrahim Moosa.

“But generally, in Islam, a wife is not allowed to refuse her husband unless she has sound reasons, for example, if something is wrong with her medically. If she does it on purpose, she immediately loses some of her rights already.

“It is also allowed for a husband to take a second wife, but… this depends on if it was done unethically and immorally.”

The frustrated husband’s father claimed his daughter-in-law, with whom he once had a close relationship, is trying to rob them of their family home.

“I sold my house and business to them for R1m, thinking they are happily married and that they are going to have a family,” he said.

He said his daughter-in-law now wanted R1.3m in return for the house, but his son is refusing to pay that amount.

“I want to give them back the million rand they gave me in the first place. She can even have the whole million.

“My son and I can start over from scratch, I just want my house back.

“This is our family home that my father built with his own hands.”

The wife has refused to speak about the matter when contacted by the Daily Voice.

“I have no comment to make,” she said.