Arnold Pistorius, right, Oscars uncle, and his sister Aimee. The family are adamant Reevas death was a tragic mistake. Picture: Denis Farrell / AP

Johannesburg - Oscar Pistorius is not a murderer, as the State would like to portray him, and the shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was a tragic mistake, his uncle Arnold Pistorius told eNews on Wednesday.

In an interview, Pistorius said the truth would emerge at some stage, and that Oscar was grieving and in extreme shock following Steenkamp’s tragic death. He said Oscar had eaten for the first time on Tuesday night since the tragic events of February 14.

Pistorius said Oscar spent most of his time reading the Bible, something he had been taught by his late mother, who was very religious.

“The truth will prevail. The puzzle will not fit with what the State wants it to fit,” said Pistorius.

Although Oscar was badly shaken, he would survive the ordeal, Pistorius said. Oscar had on Wednesday tried to control himself and to follow court proceedings.

Although Oscar would never be the same again, he would be able to work through this tragedy, bounce back and be greater, he believed.

Asked to comment on allegations that Oscar was a violent character, Pistorius said these were just allegations. “Oscar is not a violent person; he’s a kind and soft person,” he said.

Asked if his family had been in touch with the Steenkamp family, Pistorius said they had been in touch and had offered their condolences.

He said they were giving the Steenkamp family time to grieve in privacy.

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