Oscar Pistorius leaves the high court in Pretoria on Wednesday, April 9, 2014. Picture: THEMBA HADEBE

The trial of murder-accused Oscar Pistorius continued in the Pretoria High Court yesterday. Below is a compilation of quotes of the day.

“I placed her head down softly on the carpet.” – Pistorius.

“I checked to see if she was breathing and she wasn’t. I had her head on my left shoulder and I could feel her blood was running down on me.” – Pistorius.

“I felt helpless, I wanted to take her to hospital… I was trying to stop her bleeding.” – Pistorius.

“I knew that there was nothing that they could do for her.” – Pistorius.

“I hit the door with all my might.” – Pistorius.

“I did not intend to kill Reeva or anybody else for that matter.” – Pistorius.

“I think I have a responsibility for me and Reeva to tell the truth.” – Pistorius.

“I try not to lie.” – Pistorius.

“My Lady, may I just inquire… you know the old rules called ‘ambush’?… We have certain constitutional rights. This is not in the docket and was never ever referred to in the State’s case.” – defence lawyer Barry Roux, on a video that prosecutor Gerrie Nel wanted to show the court.

“That’s unfair.” – Roux.

“But once the accused opens the avenues for character evidence, then one will hit that. I asked the witness if he’d like to see it… My Lady, the witness himself said he would like to see it… even better than that, the witness said, ‘please show me the video’.” – prosecutor Nel.

“I think it’s fair for everyone to see this video… how did this all happen? It happened with the witness, saying, ‘Can I see it?’” – Nel.

“Can you now recall the video, Mr Pistorius?” – Nel, after showing the video in court.

“In hindsight it makes me very upset to hear myself saying something like that.” – Pistorius.

“If I’m shooting at a watermelon… I didn’t at any point compare it to shooting a human.” – Pistorius.

“No, you did… you said, it’s softer than brains. Who else has got brains?” – Nel.

“I was referring to a zombie.” – Pistorius.

“You know the same happened to Reeva’s head. It exploded. Have a look.” – Nel.

“It’s time that you look at it. Take responsibility for what you’ve done, Mr Pistorius.” – Nel to Pistorius, after showing him a picture of Steenkamp’s head wound.

“I remember, I don’t have to look at a picture.” – a tearful Pistorius.

“It’s unfair, it’s not relevant. My Lady, it’s unfair questioning.” – Roux.

“Mr Nel, I think it’s unfair.” – Judge Thokozile Masipa.

“I don’t think it’s unfair.” – Nel.

“I enjoyed shooting… on that day I shot at a watermelon.” – Pistorius.

“I don’t see how you can link the two (shooting Steenkamp and the watermelon).” – Pistorius.

“Is that what you can remember, or is it a reconstruction… of everything you heard and you read?” – Nel, on Pistorius’s testimony.

“There was no reconstruction of the scene.” – Pistorius.

“It’s interesting. You’re arguing, not answering.” – Nel.

“I concede, My Lady, I didn’t go on to the balcony.” – Pistorius.

“I wasn’t there when my statement got drawn up. I wasn’t the one who drew it up. My counsel advised me that it doesn’t have to be an exhaustive set of facts.” – Pistorius.

“I pleaded not guilty because what I am accused of did not happen.” – Pistorius.

“The accident was that I discharged my firearm because I believed an intruder was coming to attack me.” – Pistorius.

“My life is on the line, of course I’m thinking about the consequences of my answers.” – Pistorius to Nel.

“And Reeva doesn’t have life anymore.” – Nel replied to Pistorius.

“Listen to the question and stop thinking about the implications for you.” – Nel.

“Why are you emotional now that the question is difficult?” – Nel.

“I don’t think you can ask him why now. He has been emotional throughout.” – Judge Thokozile Masipa.