Forensic consultant Paul OSullivan


Johannesburg - A suspect in the alleged hit attempt on forensic consultant Paul O’Sullivan has claimed he is being mistreated while in custody.

Only two of the five suspects in the alleged assassination attempt are applying for bail.

On Monday, the group accused of conspiring to murder the security expert and Nkosana “Killer” Ximba, a member of the team investigating Radovan Krejcir, appeared in the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court.

The three men and two women, including a female police officer, were arrested last week, with their case believed to be linked to a kidnapping case against Krejcir.

The Star understands that the police officer accused, Sergeant Nandi Nkosi, was a member of crime intelligence who allegedly sent the suspected hit men Ximba’s picture and downloaded state GPS cellphone tracking technology on the targets.

The court was told on Monday that the man first arrested for the crime, Siboniso Miya, had not been fed in prison since Friday.

His lawyer Saleem Ebrahim said Miya was being kept at a police station rather than where the court had ordered he be kept, Johannesburg Prison.

The State was unable to answer on Monday why he was being kept at the police station, and the court was told that Miya himself had been refusing to eat – not that he was not being fed.

It was also revealed that Nkosi and her female co-accused, Zoe Biyela , would be applying for bail on Friday next week.

It was unclear when or whether the other three accused would also

apply for bail.

Police have said Miya had been linked directly to the kidnapping and attempted murder case against Krejcir and would be appearing alongside four other accused at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court this Friday.

The kidnapping case concerns the brother of a man who allegedly disappeared with a large shipment of tik that he had been recruited to help smuggle through OR Tambo International Airport.

Biyela has a significant online presence, with an open Facebook page, business and dating profiles all believed to be hers showing a typical young woman looking for love.

By Monday, her Facebook page had been taken down after months of general inactivity, but the profile revealed a woman with a love of romantic comedies, dramas, music and dance.

She describes herself on the dating website as “fun, talkative and vibrant”.

Meanwhile, one of her admirers commented on a pouty self-portrait picture: “You eyes are breath taking and as for your lips they are just poetry… wow!”

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