Cape Town-06-11-2012 This 13 year old girl from the farm Frankdale near Atlantis was allegedly sold for prostitution by her own mother pix Patrick Louw story Genevieve Serra

Cape Town - A sex ring also pimped out the 13-year-old girl allegedly sold to paedophiles by her own mother.

The traumatised child has named at least three other women who sold her to men for sex in Atlantis.

And the Daily Voice has learnt they took her out on the streets almost every day – allegedly with her mom’s blessing.

“They took her to the streets and her mother was aware of it. She was benefiting from it, from the profits,” said Atlantis ward councillor Barbara Rass, in whose care the girl has been placed.

“She remembers two females who took her to the street – they took her to a white man. She was taken to his home and left there with him and had to perform sex acts. Afterward, she had to hitchhike home.”

These shocking details emerged almost three weeks after the Daily Voice first highlighted the girl’s plight.

The girl told a friend and a teacher that her “alcoholic mother” was selling her for sex – sometimes for just R20.

The girl said occasionally her mother would even watch as she was being abused by “clients” in the bushes around Atlantis.

The girl’s mom was arrested two weeks ago and charged with rape.

Additional charges of sexual grooming may be added to her rap sheet when she applies for bail next month.

Barbara, who first blew the whistle about the girl’s ordeal, said it looks like “a massive paedophile sex ring” is operating in the town.

“This is a child porn ring. This is organised crime. More women, two or three of them need to be arrested,” she said.

“They live in the same area as the girl and are maybe still exploiting other girls there.”

Barbara says despite giving them the names, cops have yet to arrest any of the girl’s abusers.

“There are more people involved, those who took her to the streets that should be arrested,” said Barbara.

“Names of persons were given – why haven’t they been arrested?”

Barbara said the teen is progressing well and is now even playing with toys like a “normal” kid.

However, she said, State social workers have been threatening to take the child away from her.

“The child is only confiding in me, if she is taken from me she is going to fall through the cracks and become just a case number. I will not allow this to happen, I will do all that I can to protect her,” she said.

* This article was published in the Daily Voice.