A screengrab of the video of the incident taken from www.liveleak.com.

Johannesburg - Shocking footage has emerged of three men being beaten in a Fourways bar, allegedly by a man who later boasted about doing so on Facebook.

The video, also available on liveleak.com, appears to be a cellphone recording of CCTV footage, which is dated September 22, and voices can be heard commentating on proceedings.

“I was chilling bru, ja I’m at the toilet, I was peeing,” a man can be heard saying.

This is believed to be the voice of Shane Myburgh, who apparently uploaded the video to his Facebook page, which has since been deleted.

In comments posted underneath the video on Facebook, Myburgh claimed to work at the Fourways Stones pool bar and nightclub as “back-up” for security.

However, Stones have denied this.

“He has definitely never been employed by, and will certainly never be employed by Stones,” said Georgina McCloughan, the managing director of the franchise.

In the video, three men can be seen standing near the bathroom sink and one man smokes something which he passes to a man, who also takes a drag. Then a fist comes out from behind a wall where the toilets are blocked from view, hitting the man in the collared shirt in the face. He immediately falls back, hitting the back of his head on the sink before sliding down onto the floor where he lies motionless for a while.

“Why’d you punch him, babe?” a woman asks in the video.

“He was doing drugs in the bathroom,” comes the reply, while the woman can be heard laughing.

The other two men try to walk out of the bathroom but Myburgh pulls them back in and then slaps all three of them across the face.

McCloughan said Myburgh returned to the club days later and told the manager he needed to view the footage because he had lost his cellphone in the bathroom, which is when he recorded the footage. She said all three men would be banned from the bar. “The Stones policy is 100 percent of no drugs and no violence,” she said.

Myburgh could not be traced for comment.

The video, as well as the comments underneath it on Facebook, has gone viral with many people expressing their outrage.

“That’s hectic! They didn’t deserve that surely? They friggin lighties man (sic),” wrote Facebook user Daniel Saquet.

Another user, Dan Balthazar Wertheimer, added: “The immaturity you showed in this video is a clear representation that you lack tact and the ability to reason.”

But Myburgh appeared unfazed by these comments as he immediately posts under Wertheimer’s comment.

“Everyone with a bad comments can see u doing drugs.p*ssys.and I told u im gonna add ur moms and bang her.lol (sic),” he said.

There was some praise for Myburgh’s actions in comments under the video.

“Hahahaha nice nice! Love it,” said Yuri Jacobs Levi.

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