Lansdowne. 140515. Workmen fixing the damaged front section to the offices of Hassan Brothers at the corner of Lansdowne and Roy Road where a bomb allegedly exploded last night. Picture Ian Landsberg

Cape Town- Family and friends of Cape attorney Noorudien Hassan say a convoy of Pagad members paid an impromptu visit to the legal eagle’s house at the weekend, and made threats.

A relative who did not want to be named said Pagad (People Against Gangsterism and Drugs) members had shouted from their cars “Allahu Akbar, death to the tyrants” in front of the home.

A witness said a motorcade of about five cars had stopped in front of the house, with Pagad leader Abdus Salaam Ebrahim in one of them.

“Shortly after 1am, five cars drove past the house, with Pagad members shouting ‘Allahu Akbar, death to the tyrant’. Abdus Salaam was also shouting threats,” the witness said.

The source said police arrived hours after the incident.

Hassan, who earlier said he was puzzled as to why he was being targeted, could not be reached for comment. But family members said it appeared that the attack was related to his work.

“He is a defence attorney, and every citizen in this country has the right to a lawyer. Pagad is obviously not in agreement with this.”

Another family member said: “As a defence attorney, it is his job to represent any accused. Even if a gangster knocks on his door, it is his duty to defend that person.”

Confirming that a Pagad convoy had passed the Hassan home, Ebrahim said they went there after receiving information of an impending attack on the organisation. “Pagad was outside the house, but only after word spread of a planned attack on Pagad. Nobody is going to threaten Pagad; we will never allow it.”

Ebrahim reiterated that Pagad was not involved in the bomb attack on Hassan’s home on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, provincial police confirmed the incident. “A motorcade was in the vicinity, but the faces of the occupants were covered,” Captain FC van Wyk said. He said there were no new developments in the investigation into Wednesday’s bombing.

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