Pretoria - A Sinoville couple briefly appeared in the Pretoria High Court on Monday following the death of the woman’s three-and-a-half-week-old son, of multiple injuries, including skull and various rib fractures.

Juanita Oldewage, 25, and her husband Christiaan Dydelief Oldewage, 27, are facing a charge of murder and another of child abuse.

The pair were not asked to plead and the matter was postponed to July 29, as they want to obtain their own expert evidence regarding the injuries the baby had suffered.

It is claimed that on December 11/12 last year they murdered little Christiaan Oldewage at their Marico Street home.

It is further claimed that, during this time, they intentionally abused or deliberately neglected him by “repeatedly causing him injury or harm”.

The baby was the biological son of Juanita Oldewage, who married her husband shortly before the baby’s birth.

He was born on November 16 last year, and was three-and-a-half- weeks old at the time of his death.

According to the indictment, the accused, in circumstances unknown to the State, repeatedly assaulted the baby, and or allowed him to be assaulted or failed to protect him from being assaulted.

He was taken for hospital treatment on December 10. He was admitted a few days later and died a few hours later on the same day.

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