Cape Town. 200614. TIL WE MEET AGAIN: Octavia Mulder and Trevor Daries, who are accused of the murder of brothel owner Pedro Lopez, display their affection for each other while in the dock at the Western Cape High Court. Picture: LEON LESTRADE


Cape Town - Not even the cold, metal bars of a prison cell could stand in the way of murder-accused couple Trevor Daries and Octavia Mulder.

Since she is out on bail and he in custody, quality time together is only possible during court appearances. And on Friday, blissfully undeterred by the number of police officials around her, Mulder playfully stroked Daries’s face, nuzzled her head in his neck and kissed him in between their chatting and giggling, while they were seated in the dock of the Western Cape High Court.

The Mitchells Plain couple sat close together, leaving a gap between themselves and other accused, there for separate, unrelated cases.

But their display of affection only lasted a few minutes before Judge Robert Henney entered and court was in session.

Mulder and Daries have been charged with the murder of Oranjezicht brothel owner Pedro Lopez, and also face a charge of robbery with aggravating circumstances.

Lopez, who died after he was stabbed several times on May 8 last year, employed Mulder. The State alleges that she worked as an escort, but Mulder testified in her bail application that she worked as a make-up artist.

It is the State’s case that there was a scuffle between Daries and Lopez after Lopez refused to give Mulder money that he owed her. Daries, who had a knife, then allegedly stabbed Lopez in the back, chest, arm and feet.

Judge Henney heard on Friday that the pair had negotiated a plea and sentencing agreement with the State.

The case was postponed to Wednesday for the agreement to be concluded, which means that the couple have to part ways for the next few days.

And, depending on whether or not they proceed with the plea agreement, or what sentence is imposed, it could be a long time before they see one another again.

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