Cezanne Visser after being sententenced to seven years in prison. Picture : Masi Losi

Pretoria - Cezanne Visser’s hope of having her sentence converted to correctional supervision was yesterday shattered when the Correctional Supervision and Parole Board (CSPB) again turned her application down.

The board found she was not a suitable candidate to serve the rest of her sentence outside jail.

Visser, popularly known as Advocate Barbie, appeared before the CSPB on August 7 last year asking that the remainder of her seven-year jail term be converted to correctional supervision, but this application was turned down.

She then brought and urgent application before the Pretoria High Court appealing against the decision.

The court found the matter was not urgent and when it was eventually heard last December, a High Court judge ordered the parole board to reconsider her application.

The board was to make a recommendation on her suitability and to inform the court before January 31 this year.


The judge added that the views of Visser’s victims and their families had to be considered as they had a right to attend the appeal board hearing.

Visser has served about two years and eight months of her seven-year sentence on an array of sex-related charges which included explicit deeds with



Visser started serving her sentence in May 2010 after her appeal failed.

She has received a six-month presidential general amnesty which was announced on April 27 last year.

Her effective sentence is therefore now six and a half years.

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