Oscar Pistorius and his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. File photo. REUTERS/Thembani Makhubele

Johannesburg - Murder-accused paralympian Oscar Pistorius' conscience will get the better of him, a close friend of Reeva Steenkamp has reportedly told a Sunday newspaper.

“Whatever happens, whether he goes to jail or not... he can rot in hell. His conscience will get the better of him,” Cecil Myers told the City Press.

Steenkamp was Myers' daughter Gina's best friend for six years and had lived with the family in Glenhazel, Johannesburg, since September. Myers has been called Steenkamp's “Johannesburg dad”. Her actual family lives in Port Elizabeth.

Pistorius is accused of murdering Steenkamp in his home in Pretoria last Thursday. He was granted bail of R1 million on Friday.

Myers told the newspaper he had to identify Steenkamp's body after she was shot. “It was terrible, I couldn’t drive myself back home,” he said.

He reportedly met Steenkamp's father for the first time at her funeral in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday.

“Her father introduced me to friends as 'Reeva’s Joburg father'. He kept thanking me for being so kind to his daughter in Johannesburg, for looking after her.”

Myers said the last time his family heard from Steenkamp was late last Wednesday night, just hours before her death.

“I’ve got this thing with all three children (Steenkamp, and his daughters, Kim and Gina). If they don’t come home at night, they must text me.

“Then Reeva sent the (sms) message: 'Hi guys, I’m too tired. It’s too far to drive. I’m sleeping at Oscar’s tonight. See you tomorrow.

“Tomorrow never dawned for her... I have nightmares at night thinking how frightened she must have been. Can you imagine how terrified she was?”

Myers reportedly blames himself and wonders what he could have done to prevent Steenkamp's death.

“That’s the worst for me. If Reeva had rather taken a chance and driven home that night.... I should’ve texted her back: 'We’ll meet you halfway, then Desi (his wife) and I will drive your car back.' Then she would have been safe now.”

Myers told City Press only Pistorius really knew what happen on the night of the shooting. “She (Steenkamp) can’t tell us any more.”

City Press also reported that medication found in Pistorius' house after the murder was a herbal remedy used by men for extra energy in bed.

Warrant Officer Hilton Botha - who was the investigating officer, but has since been withdrawn from the case - testified that the substance was testosterone. However, he later admitted that the substance was still being tested and it was not known what it was.

According to Pistorius’ lawyers, the product is the legal homoeopathic remedy testis compositum.

Sports physician Dr Jon Patricios told City Press it was commonly used to combat flagging sexual energy, but that athletes were advised not to use it because it could increase their testosterone levels. - Sapa