140905. Cape Town. Floors tiles are damaged and Shop windows shattered at Kromboom mall. Three shops were damaged including this Vee's Video store by an explosion last night at Kromboom Mall. Picture Henk Kruger/Cape Argus

Cape Town - Police have confirmed that there were two explosions in Athlone and Crawford on Thursday night.


“We can confirm that two incidents of explosions occurred last night just after 11pm - one in Belgravia Road, Athlone - and the other one at the corner of Jan Smuts and Kromboom roads,” Captain Frederick Van Wyk said on Friday.

One was at a motor dealership and the other at a small business centre.

“Cases of malicious damage to property were opened for investigation, but there are no arrests as yet,” he said.

Van Wyk said there were no reports of injuries or fatalities.

No further details were provided.

The projectile-like bomb was placed in front of Vee's Video, next to Woolworths on the corner of Jan Smuts and Kromboom roads.

Vee's Video store manager Grantham Wolhuter said he was shocked when he received the call on Thursday night.

“Apparently the blast happened at 11.26 on Thursday night. It's shocking, you don't expect to hear that a bomb has gone off.”

He added that it was impossible to say why the store could have been targeted.

“There has been several protests at the centre with people boycotting Woolies, so maybe that is why.”

The blast tore through a front window of the video store.

It shattered windows from another store, situated next door, and Woolworths.

A 60-year-old Crawford resident said he heard three “loud sounds” on Thursday night.

“We wondered whether it was perhaps shooting.

“We all think it's connected to Woolworth's, because of the boycott.”

He added that it should be a peaceful boycott though.

“There must be militant elements doing this because the auto dealership was also bombed.”

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