Johannesburg -

A policewoman who was allegedly arrested and acquitted in the past has been arrested again for allegedly trying to extort money from business people.

The Bronkhorstspruit officer was in full uniform and accompanied by a taxi driver allegedly masquerading as a plainclothes police officer, and another man who pretended to be working for the South African Revenue Service when she was arrested on Saturday afternoon, it has been alleged.

And when police opened the boot of their VW Polo, which law enforcement agents said was stolen, they allegedly found bullet-proof vests, identity documents, foreign currency and car registration numbers.

A Bronkhorstspruit businesswoman said she received a phone call on Saturday afternoon from a fellow businessman a few blocks away. Two police officers and a Sars official had just left his premises, the man said. They wanted all sorts of documents and, when he handed them over, they said they were incorrect.

It seemed as if the trio had a list of the stores they were going to visit, because they asked him about the location of another business in the area.

They threatened him and he gave them R1 000.

The man warned her that they were on their way to her hardware shop.

The businesswoman was not at her store. She had gone to assist her brother, who had been involved in an accident.

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