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In both cases the robbers were well-dressed, well-spoken and calm - and armed with a semi-automatic rifle and pistols.

The first robbery was in Balintore Road in Rondebosch on Thursday night and the second was on Friday in Mowbray.

The Rondebosch Community Improvement District (RCID) reported that a man was followed home in Rondebosch after fetching his son from school.

As their garage door was closing, four well-dressed men, one with “a machine gun” and the others with pistols, entered the house and then put the family in the bathroom. RCID reported that the robbers spent only a few minutes in the house and took five laptops, four cellphones, a wallet and jewellery, then left in a white bakkie which had been parked outside.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel André Traut said: “The 53-year-old complainant and his family were surprised by the suspects. The suspects fled in a white LDV (light duty vehicle).”

Then, in a separate incident last night, the same number of men, armed and described in the same way as the first group, robbed staff and shoppers at Aroma Liquors in Raapenberg Road, Mowbray.

Traut said: “(They) fled with cash, cellular telephones and liquor.” Any person with information regarding these cases should call CrimeStop on 08600 10111.

It is not clear if it was the same gang of robbers involved in both incidents. These incidents follow recent Weekend Argus reports of a crime wave just across the M5 in Rondebosch East, Crawford and Lansdowne.

Late last month, a 59-year-old Rondebosch East resident was stabbed to death in his home. The victim’s mother was unharmed and two cars and a flatscreen TV were stolen.

In Crawford two weeks ago, a woman was burgled in the early hours of the morning while she was drowsy following an operation. The burglars entered through a smashed window.

The Aroma Drop Inn in Crawford had R8 000 stolen on April 18.