Cape Town 140515- Metro police conducting a search for illegal narcotics at Walmer secondary school. Picture Cindy waxa.Reporter Kieran

Cape Town - A 30-strong squad of Metro police officers accompanied by members of the K9 police unit that works with sniffer dogs on Thursday morning raided four Cape Town schools, checking pupils for drugs and other illegal materials.

At least one pupil was bust during the raid at Walmer Secondary School which had been requested by principal Raymond Jansen.

“We caught him previously, teaching others his rolling techniques,” said Jansen.

He said dagga was a problem at the school but had got better since he had instituted raids such as this one.

“The Grade 9 is a good kid who just has bad habits,” he said.

He said he wanted to show pupils that drugs were unacceptable.

“I think this will send the message.”

The pupil may be suspended and will have his parents called in.

“He tried to run for it when he saw us,” said one of the police officers as they unfolded the bag to reveal a small stash of dagga.

The aim of the exercise was to send a message to pupils that drug use would not be tolerated.

Police and members of the K9 unit had earlier conducted an uneventful search at nearby Zonnebloem school.

But when the 30-man raid party marched into the Walmer school court yard, pupils were startled as they waited for their next class to begin.

The quick operation saw police line the walls of the school as K9 members led dogs into the classroom.

Soon pupils were being searched outside, their hands against the wall as police patted them down.

Amid shrieks as the dogs jumped, the Grade 9 pupil had attempted to hide his bag and slip away.

“I feel your heart beating, are you nervous?” Asked one of the cops who had cornered him and pinned him against the wall when he tried to escape. “Where are the drugs.”

Police found rolling papers and a small folded bag of dagga.

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