The wife of a senior Welkom prosecutor was found strangled at their house in the suburb of Bedelia, Free State police said on Saturday.

“(On Friday) the body of a woman covered with a lid that covers the pump machine of the swimming pool was found lying on the ground facing downwards,” Captain Stephen Thakeng said in a statement.

“Anna Mulutsi, 58, was already dead and it was found that she was strangled. The house doors and her black Toyota Corolla sedan were locked, both keys were nowhere to be found.”

“Ben Mulutsi (her husband) was attending a meeting in Bloemfontein and on his arrival at the scene, an alarm went off when he unlocked the door.

“So it was clear that she was apparently attacked outside their house,” said Thakeng.

“According to a witness, an unknown man carrying a suitcase, used mainly by attorneys, was seen entering the yard... After almost an hour the same ... male person was seen departing the residence with the same suitcase on foot.”

Thakeng said a murder docket was opened and nothing was reported stolen. - Sapa