ADT guard. File photo: Matthews Baloyi

Durban - Police are investigating the death of an eight-month-old puppy, which was shot by a security guard in Umhlanga on Tuesday.

Kyle Cherry’s alarm was triggered by his wife at his Umhlanga home.

When he was called by security company ADT to report the alarm alert, Cherry gave the go-ahead for an armed response team to go to his house.

The guard, who entered the premises, was confronted by Kenji, a Labrador, cross Boerboel, and he shot it in the back.

“Kenji was still alive when I got home,” Cherry said.

The dog was taken to a vet, but during an operation, his condition deteriorated and he died.

Cherry said he had bought Kenji with the idea of the dog and his child growing up together.

Police confirmed that a case had been opened and it would be investigated under the Animal Protection Act.

Cherry said Kenji had been trained, was very playful and would not have attacked the guard.

He said he wanted police to investigate whether or not the guard was trained in armed response, or whether he feared dogs, which meant that he should not be in the response unit.

The ADT spokeswoman could not be reached for comment on Wednesday night.

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