Police have appealed for information on Koobendran Moodleys whereabouts. Photo: SAPS

Johannesburg - The family of a Lenasia south man murdered in an apparent road-rage attack, Joash Harrod, are living in fear as the alleged killer is still on the run, three weeks after the fatal shooting.

On Saturday, police said they were offering a R50 000 reward for information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of Koobendran Moodley.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Kay Makhubela said Moodley’s whereabouts were still unknown and, despite the reward, no arrests had been made.

Harrod’s father Timothy said he was unaware of the status of the case as he had not been contacted by the investigating officers, despite being a police captain himself.

“My family… they’re scared, they’re wondering what’s happening,” he said on Sunday.

“Every time a car pulls up outside or if a phone rings, they jump up to check it out. He (Joash) was a good guy. He was close to me, he was more my friend than my son,” he said.

There have been conflicting media reports of what happened on July 5, but Timothy explained what they had been told.

His son was travelling with his girlfriend and another friend to a shopping mall when they stopped at a four-way intersection.

A car travelling in the same direction - but into oncoming traffic - allegedly collided with the right side of Joash’s vehicle as he turned right at the intersection.

Timothy said the impact had been so severe his son’s car was dragged sideways as Moodley allegedly then reversed, because the vehicles were stuck together.

The cars eventually came apart and Moodley allegedly fled, “without checking if anyone was killed or injured”, Timothy said.

Joash asked another motorist who witnessed the crash if they could pursue Moodley in the witness’s car, because his own vehicle was badly damaged.

Moodley then apparently stopped in Azalea Street, Lenasia south, and Joash got out of the witness’s car to speak to him.

“They were about a metre apart when this guy pulled out a gun. Joash turned to run away and was shot at close range,” Timothy said.

Moodley then allegedly fired at the witness, who was still in his car, hitting him in the hand, before the witness drove off.

Timothy said the family are desperate for Moodley’s arrest so he can face the law and they can have their questions answered.

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