Charged with two seperate incidents - the rape of a six-year-old girl and the murder of his girlfriend - Gerald Rosselloty is now conducting his own defence in the Pietermaritzburg High Court. File picture:Shan Pillay

KwaZulu-Natal - A visibly irritated Gerald Rosselloty told the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Monday that he found it “very strange” that witnesses could not remember incidents from 2002.

He is charged with the rape of a six-year-old child in 2006 and the murder of his lover Nokwazi Ntuli, in April 2010.

On Monday, he was referring to two prosecutors who he had called to testify in his defence.

He wanted them to recall how he and the mother of the raped child had been to the regional court a decade ago where the mother had falsely accused him of indecently assaulting another of her daughters.

But she later withdrew the charge.

Rosselloty said he received an SMS from the mother saying the charge had been fabricated and had shown the message to prosecutor Sisizwe Mkhonza, who was called to testify on Monday

But Mkhonza could not remember Rosselloty, the mother or the incident. She said that she dealt with thousands of cases and could not remember what he was talking about. Rosselloty remarked: “I don’t know how I remember and no one else does… I don’t know why everyone has amnesia.”

Senior public prosecutor Zubaida Khan could also not verify his version. Rosselloty said he was trying to show the court that the woman had falsely accused him before and that she was doing the same now.

Rosselloty is expected to call two doctors and the child he allegedly raped (who is now 12) to testify on Tuesday.

He is conducting his own defence after firing his attorney for failing to put certain questions to witnesses. He has already called a string of witnesses to testify. - The Mercury