Johannesburg - The official accused of sexually assaulting a woman in his office at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court claims she was a mistress who cried rape out of embarrassment.

The administrative clerk, Frank Hlatshwayo, was arrested last week in the court building for allegedly putting a gun to a woman’s head and raping her after she refused to pay a bribe he had tried to solicit.

But during his bail proceedings on Thursday, Hlatshwayo said sex in his office was consensual – and commonplace.

The frail-looking 63-year-old told the court he and his accuser were in a relationship for several months, and they would meet for casual sex and “cuddling” in his office to ensure their respective partners would not find out.

He said he had unlocked the door too soon after they had their “appointment” for sex on Monday last week.

A colleague walked in while his alleged lover was still getting dressed, and began asking questions.

The woman made uncomfortable noises and the colleague assumed something was wrong and ushered her out. Hlatshwayo said she must have accused him of rape when she was interrogated by court staff.

He said that while he did have a licensed firearm, it was not pointed at the complainant at any stage.

Even though he had not seen the medical report on the complainant, he was confident no injuries would be discovered, and that he was likely to be acquitted.

However, an affidavit from the investigating officer, Captain Themba Vezi, revealed there had been gynaecological damage to the woman.

Vezi added she was worried her life would be in danger if Hlatshwayo was released on bail, as he had allegedly threatened to kill her if she said anything about the alleged rape.

State prosecutor Albert Dwera told the court that apart from rape and attempted murder charges, kidnapping and corruption charges could be added.

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