Pretoria - A North Gauteng High Court judge questioned how the mother of a serial rapist could blame herself for how he turned out.

This came after counsel for Oupa Mashigo, who admitted to raping and robbing several victims, told the court his mother felt it was her fault as she could not give him proper guidance and everything she wanted to when he was a child.

But Judge Mmonoa Teffo said the mother could not blame herself as children had to take responsibility for their own actions.

Earlier, Mashigo, 33, a father of three, pleaded guilty to 16 charges, ranging from rape to robbery and housebreaking.

His reign of terror began in December 2009 and ended in July 2012 when he was arrested during his last housebreaking and rape.

His youngest victim was aged 11.

Dubbed “the snake” because he was so cruel, Mashigo terrorised women and children from Mamelodi to Cullinan.

In a written confession he apologised to his victims. He said: “I know that I cannot erase the pain I caused them. What I did was cruel, inhumane and immoral.”

Mashigo’s counsel admitted he had no respect for women and took advantage of them.

Calling for a life sentence, the State said he was a dangerous man and a serial rapist, housebreaker and robber.

Mashigo will be sentenced on Friday.

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