A man tried snatching teen girl while her mom was walking next to her on her way to school in Kraaifontein. Picture: .Solly Lottering/Daily Voice
Cape Town - A mother from Kraaifontein has been left traumatised after a man tried to snatch her daughter while she walked the 13-year-old to school on Wednesday morning.

The attack happened near the girl’s school, Eben Donges High, by a man the woman says “looks just like R&B singer Keith Sweat”.

What has the 34-year-old woman even more worried is reports of another 12-year-old girl from the area who disappeared on Tuesday.

It has, however, been confirmed by police that the young girl was returned safely to her parents the next day.

The mother, who does not usually walk her daughter, a Grade 8 learner, to school, says it was a good thing she did.

“I was helping her carry some of her books, as they were too heavy for her to carry alone,” she says.

“A dark car that looked like a new Toyota stopped next to us. The windows were tinted. A man got out who looked just like Keith Sweat.

“He had Levi’s on from head to toe and rings on all his fingers. The boots were definitely expensive. He was probably wearing R4 000 worth of clothing.”

She believes the man must have been trailing them for some time.

He spoke to them calmly in Afrikaans and told them to get in the car.

“He opened the back door and told us to get in. I could see in his grey cat eyes he meant business and I told my daughter to run,” she explained.

“I told him to take me and leave my daughter. I became hysterical, throwing my hands up and screaming. I saw a bulge on the side of his pants and did not know if it was a gun.

“My daughter looked panicked, not knowing what to do. We ran and he followed in the car.”

The man eventually gave up the chase, she said.

According to the mother, the man had Kruger Rand studs in his ears, rings on all his fingers and he was well built with grey eyes.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed the case and says a case of attempted kidnapping has been opened for investigation.

Anyone with information that can assist with the investigation is requested to contact Captain Mong on 021 980 5548.