In this undated handout publicity photo supplied by Stimulii taken on the island of Jamaica, Reeva Steenkamp poses on set during the shooting of the reality show Tropika Island of Treasure.

Cape Town - Reeva Steenkamp will be remembered by her best friend Gina Myers as a compassionate, kind and determined young woman.

Myers said the young model was a loving person, determined to share love with everyone around her.

“This love for everyone she encountered, coupled with her never-ending smile, was infectious, causing everyone around her to fall in love and be inspired by her,” she said.

“Last week, Reeva and I took a blanket into our garden, lay there for the day and decided it was something we’d do all the time. It was a perfect day,” Myers added.

They would often catch up and share the events of each other’s days.

“Our favourite thing was to sit every night in her bed.

“Reeva was like a sister to me. We sat and laughed until we cried. And if we cried it was until we laughed.

“And in the morning, she’d make us coffee and we’d talk about what we had coming up that day, the where, what and how, and how we were going to dominate the world one day at a time,” said Myers.

Myers insisted that Reeva was selfless and always put others first.

“She would do anything for her friends, family and parents; in fact she took her parents on a weekend away last year and told me just a few days ago how amazing it was that she got to do that with them.

“I have picked up the phone at all times of the day and night to speak to my friend. She has given me her shoulder to cry on.

“Her hugs to cuddle. Her smile to make me smile. And her heart to love.”

Myers said Steenkamp’s bubbly personality was something that made her well-loved.

“Reeva never walked into the house, she ‘bubbled in’, and I can only say this with a smile.

“Everyone she crossed paths with fell in love with her. Her sense of humour had people in stitches all the time, this is something I can’t explain.”

She added that Steenkamp had earned the nickname of “Alfi” because she always had hair sticking upwards on her head, like the movie character Alfalfa.

“ My Alfi had a beautiful soul. You are missed so much already. You are loved eternally.

“People all over the world have got just a taste of the enormity of your heart and beauty, and they have fallen in love with you.”

Steenkamp’s agent, Sarit Thomlinson, described the day of her murder as a “black day”.

“Her life was taken away too soon and we remember her on a very black day.

“For all that knew her, Reeva was a compassionate and kind (person), and we miss her dearly,” she said. - Sunday Argus