The parents of Reeva Steenkamp, Barry (L) and June Steenkamp (2nd R, facing camera), arrive at the Victoria Park Crematorium ahead of a memorial service for their daughter in Port Elizabeth. Photo: Reuters

Pretoria - Reeva Steenkamp’s family have hired senior lawyers to “look after and protect” their interests in the wake of her death in the home ofboyfriend Oscar Pistorius. The Steenkamps confirmed on Monday that they had hired Mike Venter from De Villiers Inc and Dup de Bruyn SC, but did not elaborate on why.

Leaked CCTV footage showing Reeva Steenkamp arriving at Silver Woods Country Estate in Pretoria hours before she was killed has been aired on television.

Pistorius has admitted that he pulled the trigger, and will stand trial later this year.

On Sunday evening, Carte Blanche included the clip on a feature which explored the known circumstances of Steenkamp’s death, her family’s grief and Pistorius’s subsequent bail application at Pretoria Magistrate Court. He was granted bail on Friday.

Sharon Steenkamp, Steenkamp’s cousin, spoke to the Cape Argus on Monday and provided an update on the condition of Steenkamp’s parents, Barry and June Steenkamp.

“They’re doing okay – taking it one day at a time at the moment. Obviously both of them are still hurting a lot, but life carries on,” she said.

She confirmed that bouquets of flowers from Pistorius and his family were delivered to the Steenkamp home in Port Elizabeth. She could not say how the gesture was received by Steenkamp’s parents.

Of the media attention, she said that Reeva had made a career of being in the limelight and that the high public profile that her death has attained is something that the family had come to accept. She did not express any anger at Pistorius securing bail, but said that the family needed to know “what really happened”.


Sharon said the Carte Blanche feature did justice to Reeva’s image as someone with a public persona.

The audioless CCTV footage, a centrepiece of the Carte Blanche feature, was recorded at the vehicle entrance to the estate. Steenkamp is seen pulling up to the checkpoint in a dark grey Mini Cooper. The driver’s window is open, her elbow is resting on the sill and she is leaning her head on the palm of her right hand. As a security guard moves to open the gate/boom to the estate, he momentarily blocks her from the camera’s view.

When the footage shows her again, she has lowered her hand. She appears to be exchanging a joke with another security guard. It seems as though he is asking her a question. She looks at him with a stern expression as she says something in response, before both of them laugh. As she drives away, the security guard waves and laughs.

CCTV footage taken 10 minutes later shows a white BMW, allegedly with Pistorius inside, arriving at the estate. Another clip shows Steenkamp speaking to an interviewer at a red carpet event: “Oscar’s a very, very sexy boy,” she says.

“But he doesn’t do it in an arrogant, obnoxious way. He does it in a very classy, understated (way). He always has a good simple suit on. Ja. He’s a gentleman.”

Carte Blanche’s feature also included an emotional interview with Steenkamp’s parents, conducted the day after her memorial service. The interview opens with Steenkamp’s mother, June, talking of the moment she learnt of her daughter’s death. She is close to tears as she talks:


Later, presenter Derek Watts directs a question at Steenkamp’s father. He asks him how he copes. He appears unable to respond.

Steenkamp’s parents also talk of watching the first episode of Tropika Island of Treasure, the SABC 1 reality TV show featuring Reeva. It was aired three days after her death.

“I watched it. I had to... just to see her laughing, you know, and alive,” June Steenkamp said.

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