Reeva Steenkamp. (AP Photo/Ice Model Management).

Pretoria - A South African model could become one of the major players in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial.

This has emerged after TV news channel eNCA released what it said was exclusive material on Friday night.

The channel said Pistorius’s prosecution had evidence that, it said, would help prove premeditation in the murder of Reeva Steenkamp.

In particular, eNCA said model Sam Greyvenstein, a close friend of Steenkamp, who supported Pistorius in an affidavit at his bail application, could have changed her mind about him.

At the time she said Pistorius had “treated Reeva like gold” and that she had confided she would probably have accepted had he proposed. But the channel claimed to have proof she was now feeling very differently.

The channel claimed the State had evidence that Pistorius’s actions had shown aggression, reckless use of firearms, extreme possessiveness of Steenkamp and that he kept his IPad and cellphone close, even when he went to bed.

Despite all the stories about the State’s evidence in circulation, the National Prosecuting Authority has denied leaking documents on the trial.

“It was not leaked by us, and we don’t know how it got in their (media house) hands,” NPA spokesman Medupi Simasiku said.

The NPA said it had not yet filed its replying documents to the Pretoria High Court where the trial is set down for March 3.

Simasiku was reacting to reports by Eyewitness News (EWN) and eNCA.

The Pretoria News reports today that the State will rely on 13 points it will argue to prove its case against Pistorius.

Statements from neighbours, forensic analysis of the scene, the post-mortem report and ballistics tests of the toilet door and firearm form part of the points.

Among the witnesses are neighbours who heard screams at the same time as gunshots from the house.

The State has conceded Pistorius was on his stumps, not his prosthetic legs, but will argue that the number, trajectory and grouping of the shots fired through a locked door could only indicate a direct intention to kill.

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