Rajiv Narandas
Rajiv Narandas
Rosanne Narandas and Marco Accolla
Rosanne Narandas and Marco Accolla

Durban businessman and socialite Rajiv Narandas, who has been convicted of attempted murder, has been barred from entering homes or businesses owned by Marco Accolla, the business partner of Rajiv’s mother, Rosanne.

Accolla, who was represented by advocate Paul Jorgensen, brought an urgent application on Wednesday in the Durban High Court and secured an interim order preventing Narandas from entering five Ooh La La clothing boutiques and his two Durban residences.

The order also interdicts Narandas from contacting Accolla or his staff, either directly or indirectly.

Narandas, who was represented by advocate P Combrinck, did not oppose the interim order.

Narandas was convicted of the attempted murder of Lance Moodley last year and is also on trial in the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court in Joburg for the murder of Veenand Singh.

He is out on bail for the murder charge.

In his affidavit, Accolla said he was bringing the application on behalf of himself and his close corporation Noella & Rosario CC.

He said that last Wednesday, Narandas had gone to one of his businesses in Mayville and demanded access to the property.

“My manageress Kajal Gunpath, came to the gate, which was closed and locked, and informed him (Narandas) that he was not allowed on the premises and that he should leave.

“The respondent (Narandas) did not take kindly to being told this and reacted by making threatening gestures and using vulgar language.”

Accolla said that Gunpath had then contacted him and he had advised her to press the panic button to alert the security company.

He said that Gunpath, who was in a state of fear and panic, had inadvertently pressed the wrong button and opened the property’s driveway gate.

Narandas had then gained access to the premises through the driveway gate and had threatened Kajal and other staff members.

Narandas had attempted to take boxes of stock but had stopped and left the property with nothing.

Accolla said he believed that Narandas had wanted to embarrass his mother.

“I suspect the motivation for the respondent (Narandas) was to confront and/or embarrass his mother, who I employ as a regional manager and designer.

“I understand that the respondent and his mother no longer enjoy a cordial relationship, and to my knowledge Rosanne has made herself unavailable to her son.”

He added that the entire incident had been recorded by cameras on the premises.

He also said he was seeking urgent relief because Narandas was “aggressive by nature and unpredictable” and could repeat his actions.

“I believe I have the right to insist that the respondent (Narandas) does not trespass on my property and communicate with my staff or myself. We have nothing to say to him.”

Accolla said he had also laid a charge at the Mayville police station and obtained a peace order against Narandas.

He said he had found out that Narandas had also obtained a peace order against him.

“I was informed that the respondent (Narandas) had obtained a peace order against me for allegedly threatening him with a firearm. I did no such thing,” said Accolla.

When contacted for comment on Wednesday, Narandas said he was disputing the allegations and contesting them.

He added that he would be filing a replying affidavit next week.

“I never did it,” he said. “I have no intention to do anything with that man. I have nothing to do with him. However, I will comply with the court order.”

He said there were several contradictions in Accolla’s application.

“One example is that he claims that I have nothing to do with the Ooh La La boutiques. However, I have an employment letter from the company and have been receiving a salary since last year.”

The application was adjourned to next month. - The Mercury