10/01/2008 ***Sunday Tribune*** KISS SILHOUETTE: Let just kiss and say goodbye. PICTURE: SANDILE NDLOVU

Two robbers tried to get hot and heavy in a court while their trial was in full swing.

Witnesses and court orderlies were left with their jaws dropped after the couple ignored their surroundings and began making out like it was their last day on earth.

Police were left stumped as to what sparked the outrageous display of affection.

Some speculated that it could have been the excitement of being found guilty of theft charges in the reserved Mossel Bay court on Wednesday this week.

Court orderlies tell the Daily Voice they have never seen anything like it in all their years of manning the courts.

Their court session was well underway under the watchful eyes of a packed gallery when lust took over.

The couple began pawing each other and soon they were locked in a tight embrace, their hips grinding together much to the shock of court goers.

After a brief moment, the orderlies composed themselves and pulled the couple apart.

It was immediately clear that the woman was rather aroused as she displayed a wet patch on the crotch of her pants.

Officers of the court then instructed them to sit at opposite ends of the bench while the case proceeded.

“I can’t believe it,” one witness exclaimed as he left the court in shock.

The love-struck criminals did not manage to escape the anger of the judge and were slapped with additional contempt of court and public indecency charges.

But guards kept a watchful eye on them afterwards to make sure they kept their libidos in check.

The charges against the two relate to a robbery in Qanenquawba in Mossel Bay.

The couple will be sentenced on August 27.

* This article was published in the Daily Voice