Protesters flee from a police stun grenade in Victoria Road. Picture: Luke Ten Oever

Cape Town - Police has deployed a sufficient amount of members to monitor the Hout Bay area where protests has flared up.
“We are working closely with our law enforcement agencies to quell the situation and to restore tranquility to the area. Our deployments will remain in the area until we are satisfied that the threat to the area has been alleviated. We urge the community to exercise caution in the close proximity of the group of protesters,” police spokesperson Andre Traut said.    
Protesters started in the early hours of Monday morning where a group of around 600 people started burning houses. 

The situation began to get volatile when police started shooting stun grenades.
In March a massive fire ripped through the informal settlement of Imizamo damaging hundreds of homes and leaving thousands of residents destitute. 

In the interim, those who were left with no roofs over their heads was staying on the Hout Bay Sports Field.

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