An Okapi knife found during a raid at the Berea Park School in Pretorius street Picture: Etienne Creux


Kimberley - A young mother from Club 2000 was found dead in a pool of blood in her shanty after she was repeatedly stabbed with an okapi knife, allegedly by a scorned and enraged ex-lover.

After the brutal murder early on Sunday morning, the killer locked the door of the shanty and fled the scene.

The deceased, Gosentseng Tlamelo Kganyego, 30, from Ivan Babuseng Street, had obtained an interdict against her alleged killer following several incidents of domestic violence.

The two have a five-year-old boy, Bokamosho Kganyego, who lives with his grandmother.

The Galeshewe police are now searching for the deceased’s former boyfriend, known as “Spaghetti”, in connection with the murder.

He is also wanted by the police in connection with another murder which was committed in December last year.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Olebogeng Tawana said the alleged attacker apparently peered through the window of the shanty where Kganyego was sleeping on Sunday morning at about 3am, when he saw her with her new boyfriend.

“After forcing his way into the shack, he produced a knife and attacked the deceased by stabbing her several times in the face, neck, arm, back and chest.”

Kganyego died as a result of multiple stab wounds.

A friend, Bonolo Mogorosi, who lived with Kganyego, woke up and opened the door of the shack after the attacker tried to kick it open.

“Kganyego told him that he should leave her alone because she no longer wanted to be with him,” Mogorosi told the DFA.

“He then pulled out a knife and after stabbing her in the neck and chest, he climbed on top of her and continued to jab her in the neck.

“He kept on telling her that he would kill her and threatened to stab me when I shouted at him to stop. I ran out of the shanty to get help.”

Mogorosi added that Kganyego was powerless and unable to break free, because she was still under the influence of alcohol after attending a funeral the day before.

“After alerting the police and the ambulance, I went back to the shack after about 10 minutes. However, I was unable to get inside because the door was locked. I saw Kganyego through the window... she was lying in a pool of blood on her mattress.”

Kganyego’s cousins, Motshidisi and Judith Leburu, said that the suspect knew her whereabouts at all times and that he relentlessly stalked her.

“He already tried to harm her before but we managed to stop him. Kganyego was such a lively person who was always sharing jokes.”

Ward 31councillor, Moses Nlhapo, questioned why the suspect was allowed back into the community after a string of criminal offences.

“The suspect previously served a 10-year sentence for murder and has been linked to the murder of a foreigner living in the area, who was also stabbed to death. Whenever he is under the influence of alcohol he becomes violent.”

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the suspect is requested to contact the Galeshewe police on 053 807 6000, or the investigating officer, Warrant Officer Salomon Esterhuizen, on 082 469 1813.

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