Mahikeng, North West - A man was killed in Mahikeng, North West, when he tried to rob a house owner at gunpoint, police said on Thursday.

Colonel Sabata Mokgwabone said the man and an accomplice confronted another man when he arrived home at Molopo Street on Wednesday carrying a bag of money.

They fired two shots and ordered him to hand over the bag. He did so and the two ran away.

A security guard in the house, which was also used as a gas refilling business, gave chase and fired at the fleeing robbers. One of them was hit and died on the scene. The second robber escaped.

The bag with money was recovered, along with the firearm the robbers used.

The gun was stolen from a police officer a few minutes before the robbery.

Apparently the officer was at a nearby filling station moving something from the boot of his vehicle when the robbers grabbed the gun from his waist and ran away.

Police opened a murder docket. - Sapa