Enver Salie

Durban - A man wanted in another case has been arrested after he knocked down a senior officer in a police station parking lot and drove off.

It is alleged that the suspect purposely drove into the officer and dragged him about 7m before speeding off, said SAPS spokesman Colonel Jay Naicker.

The incident happened at Sydenham police station and was witnessed by several policemen on Wednesday.

Lieutenant-Colonel Enver Salie told the Daily News he was in a meeting when colleagues told him a member of the public wanted to speak to him urgently.

The man had reversed into a restricted parking area reserved for police vehicles. He was sitting in his BMW 335i with no number plates on the front and back of the car.

“He was wanted on another case and had previous convictions. He made claims that he was a member of the defence force. He was already in an argument with policemen when I got there,” he said.

Salie approached the car from the passenger side and while he tried to identify himself the man started the car and drove off knocking Salie to the ground.

“It happened so fast. I landed on the bonnet, brushed the windscreen and hit the side of the roof. The impact and momentum pushed me into the air. You don’t expect things like this to happen. I am lucky to be alive,” he said.

Police gave chase, but the man had sped off down RD Naidu (Stanley Copley) Drive. Naicker said the man was later arrested and his vehicle impounded.

A case of attempted murder is being investigated


“I am lucky I suffered minor bruising but my neck and leg is still in pain.

“My pants were ripped at the knees,” he said.

Salie, who joined the police service in 1992, returned to work on Thursday despite the injuries.

Sydenham Community Policing Forum spokesman, Satish Dhupelia, said the incident had left them shocked.

“We are not sure what happened but to knock over an officer in uniform and on duty is a serious offence. He is a well-respected policeman,” Dhupelia said.

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