Cape Town 121217- Matty Lucks says she was manhandled by a security after parking infront of the shop at Parow Shopping centre.He told her that the parking was a loading zone.Picture Cindy waxa/Reporter Janis/Argus

Cape Town - A Scottsville woman laid a charge of common assault against a security guard after he is alleged to have manhandled her.

The woman claims the guard demanded she move her car from a parking bay he claimed was a loading zone at a Parow shopping complex.

During a Christmas shopping trip on Friday afternoon, Matty Lucks, 55, decided to visit a linen store at Svenprop Park.

Lucks parked her car in the only available spot right next to the ramp, which serves as the entrance to Lara Linen’s Discount Factory Shop.

A security guard for Ukhetsha Security Services approached her, tapped her on the shoulder and accused her of parking in a loading zone.

Lucks told the guard there was no signage indicating this and refused to move.

“I told him there’s nothing to show it’s a loading zone and I’m not obstructing the garage door in the parking next to me.”

Lucks said that when she proceeded to enter the store, the guard grabbed her by the arms, blocking her from going inside.

“I told him to leave me, but when he released me, he started pushing me hard, making me lose my balance and almost causing me to fall.”

Lucks claimed the guard then taunted her by pointing his finger in her face and telling her he would not allow her to leave the complex.

“I felt threatened because I could see his body language looked like someone ready to punch me.”

Lucks left the complex a short while later and reported the incident to the Parow police station.

She said the guard at first refused to open the boom, but eventually allowed her to exit.

Store assistant Jonita Douman, 29, said the guards regularly harassed customers with their “rude and aggressive behaviour”.

Store manager Olivia Solomon, 56 - who was also present at the time - confirmed the parking spot was not a loading zone and agreed the guard’s action had been “unacceptable”.

“I know they are here to protect the property, but they don’t have to be rude to people.”

Ukhetsha site manager Paul Chimezie said the incident had not been reported to him and he would investigate the matter.

Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Traut confirmed that a case of common assault was being investigated.

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