Leigh Matthews. Photo: Chris Collingridge

The identification of a man named only as “Silvanus” as the person who could help solve the Leigh Matthews murder mystery has unleashed a flood of information.

“The story has touched a nerve. There has been significant information coming in. Whether it is pertinent or not, we’re not yet sure,” the murdered student’s father, Rob Matthews, said in response to Monday’s exclusive report carried by The Star.

“I will be handing it over to Colonel Louise Eksteen. I have a good working relationship with her and I have every confidence in her,” Matthews said, adding that he had received a number of calls from high-ranking police officials wanting to communicate with him regarding the investigation.

“I’ve not had time to reply to the people who have not had contact with me before. I’m just happy to stick with Colonel Eksteen, who has been helping me all along.”

Eksteen declined to comment on her investigation on Monday night.

But Matthews is thrilled with the breakthrough, which was made public by eblockwatch, a web-based crime awareness and community crime network.

The identity of “Silvanus” was made known to eblockwatch by an anonymous source, who appears to have information on the Matthews murder and wants to clear his conscience.

The investigating officer on the case, retired brigadier Piet Byleveld, has confirmed the information and on Monday said he was encouraged by the breakthrough.

“I received the same information (including the name Silvanus) shortly after (convicted killer Donovan) Moodley had his application for a retrial denied in court,” Byleveld said.

Moodley was convicted and sentenced to life behind bars for kidnapping and murdering the Bond University student. Johannesburg High Court Judge Joop Labuschagne found that the State had successfully proven that Moodley had accomplices who had helped him hide Leigh’s body in cold storage for days before dumping it in the veld.

“The possibility that this guy (Silvanus) could be one of them… Hopefully he will be honest and come forward now and testify. I believe that if he is prepared to come forward it could lead to something. Hopefully,” Byleveld said.

l Anyone who has information that could relate to this development, or who would like to track eblockwatch’s coverage of the case, can go to www.eblockwatch.co.za or call 082 561 1065.

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