Honeymoon murder-accused Shrien Dewani is expected in the country on April 8 to face charges related to the killing of his wife Anni. File photo: AP

Cape Town - Two Hawks detectives and a registered nurse are likely to accompany Shrien Dewani on a flight back to Cape Town if his extradition goes ahead in a week. He will then be detained in a single cell and formally charged in the presence of his lawyer.

Details of what will happen to Dewani once he has touched down in Cape Town are contained in court documents.

About a week ago, the Justice Department announced that Dewani, after nearly 42 months of trying to avoid extradition from the UK, would arrive here on April 8. He is accused of masterminding his wife Anni’s murder, which he allegedly ordered to look like a hijacking gone wrong, in Khayelitsha in 2010.

In an undertaking by South Africa, dealing with Dewani’s extradition and dated last year, it said Dewani would be flown from the UK to Cape Town on “a direct overnight flight”.

It said if he were to be denied bail and it was found that he was suffering from mental illness, he would be transferred to the general psychiatric unit at Valkenberg Hospital.

If Dewani were granted bail and needed care, as outlined in the Mental Health Care Act, and he needed South Africa to provide the care, he would still be transferred to the unit.

At Dewani’s request, he would sleep in “a single occupancy room”.

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