20 year old Nitesh Govendor from Lenesia leaves the Johannesburg Magistrate court yesterday after his case of accessively high speeding was postponed to next Wednesday. The youngster was caught driving at 220km in a 120km zone. Picture:Paballo Thekiso

Johannesburg - A young Joburg man who took his father’s luxury Jaguar for a joyride and was then caught speeding at over 200km/h, faces the possibility of having his driving licence suspended or endorsed.

Nitesh Govender, 20, was caught driving at 220km/h last Friday near the Grasmere turn-off in Lenasia – the highest speed traffic authorities have recorded in the area this year. He was arrested and later granted a R1 000 bail.

A visibly anxious Govender appeared in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s court for the first time on Friday. He cut a lonely figure and stood quietly in the dock, listening attentively as Magistrate M Khan listed his options.

Earlier Govender pleaded guilty to charges of excessive speeding.

“This is not a simple case of speeding… there are other factors to be considered in this matter,” Khan told Govender.

He said the court would also have to look into the possible suspension or endorsement of his driving licence as the charges were serious.

Khan dispelled any suggestions that Govender, would be given a fine and sent home saying, “it doesn’t work that way”.

Khan further advised Govender that he needed to obtain a legal representative as the nature of the matter warranted this.

“In my experience, lawyers refuse legal representation for speeding offences but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get one,” he said.

Addressing the youngster’s parents, Khan said the court did not force their son to plead guilty nor to get an attorney but merely provided him with options to help him decide which route he wanted to take.

Govender indicated in a small voice that he would obtain legal representative by next week Wednesday, when the case is set to resume.

Outside court, it remained unclear if Govender was given permission to drive the car on the day he was caught.

Saturday Star