Cape Town - A 21-year-old University of Stellenbosch made a dramatic escape from a kidnapper on Monday night.

Ilzè-Dene Oberholzer was on her way to write a test at the RW Wilcocks-building, when she stumbled in Ryneveldt Street. While getting up, she noticed two men standing over her.

One of them grabbed her and forced her into the back seat of a car and drove off.

One of the men roughed her up and searched her for valuables. She was also burned with a lighter.

A short while later, the car pulled over and the men tried to force her into another car.

Noticing an ADT security vehicle nearby, Oberholzer broke free from her attacker’s grip and raised the alarm. She escaped with minor injuries.

Police confirmed a case of kidnapping had been opened.

Cape Argus