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Johannesburg – The family of an 18-year-old University of Johannesburg student is pleading for her safe return after she was abducted outside her Auckland Park commune on Saturday night.

The abduction apparently took place when two armed men hijacked them while Kwanele Mazibuko was standing outside of her commune with an as-yet-unidentified male companion.

According to Herdman Ndlovu, a private security guard in Auckland Park, the couple were standing next to Mazibuko’s male companion’s vehicle when they were ambushed.

“I saw a silver Toyota Corolla – the ones mostly used for Ubers – drive past where I was standing,” Ndlovu said.

“But I was on my phone when it (the Corolla) drove past. When I lifted my head I saw two of the men who were in the Corolla jump out of the car and they had guns. They forced the couple into their Corolla and the other one jumped into the young man’s car and they drove off with them.”

He said at that point he was scared but tried running after the vehicles in a bid to catch a glimpse of their registration numbers.

He added that he could not recall the type of vehicle Mazibuko’s companion drove.

“I saw that it was a white car, but I can't say what kind it was because it was at night. I couldn't see the number plates but I was scared because I work here every day and if they saw me they might have returned for me too,” he said.

Mazibuko’s sister, Simphiwe Buthelezi, said on Sunday that her family was left deeply worried and confused by the kidnapping.

“We don’t know what happened. Her friend called me on Saturday night saying Kwanele was taken and they don’t know by whom, and for what."

"Right now I’m in a taxi from Nquthu to Joburg to find out what really happened. I will be in a better position to tell you everything once I know as well,” Buthelezi said.

Mazibuko’s flatmate, Nomcebo Khumalo said she was horrified when she heard of the incident.

“It's because she was outside. You don't think anything will happen. Then I heard from the security guard that she and her boyfriend were taken,” she said.

Khumalo said she did not know the identity of Mazibuko’s companion and the reason behind the abduction.

While queries were sent to the provincial SAPS about the incident, there was no response by the time of publication.

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