Durban - The families of samurai-sword murder victims Kevindran Naidoo and Sebastian Chetty listened in horror on Monday as their loved ones’ mortal wounds were described in court.

Doctor Diagasen Pillay gave evidence at the Pietermaritzburg High Court in the trial of Jayendran Prakash Sewnath, who has been charged with the macabre double murder.

Naidoo and Chetty were apparently stabbed to death with a samurai sword. Sewnath has pleaded not guilty to the murders. His co-accused, Adrian Veeran, pleaded guilty at the Durban High Court in 2011 and was sentenced to life in prison.

The State alleges that Naidoo and Chetty were lured to their death in a house in Shallcross on August 8, 2011, on the promise of being able to buy cheap TV sets.

The next day Naidoo’s body was found in bush and Chetty’s under a mattress outside the house. Naidoo had sustained several stab wounds to his upper body, inflicted by a sword.

On Monday Pillay testified about the wounds that both men had suffered.

The post-mortem described 17 penetrating wounds found on Naidoo’s neck, arms, shoulders and chest. He died from six wounds to his lungs.

Chetty suffered 12 penetrating wounds and died from an abdominal injury. He also suffered deep abrasions to his neck.

 Pillay estimated that it had taken 30 to 45 minutes for each man to bleed to death.

The case has been adjourned back to Durban for the defence case on June 30.

Daily News