Tariq Jacobs

The results of the post-mortem of murdered toddler Tariq Jacobs are still outstanding – nearly two months after he was allegedly killed by his mother.

This means the case cannot proceed until forensic experts hand over the actual report to investigators.

Child protection experts on Thursday night slammed the delay and they urged authorities to speed up cases to ensure justice is done.

Self-confessed killer mom Zulfa Jacobs, 30, made her third appearance in Mitchell’s Plain Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

The former creche teacher even appeared cheerful and smiled at her family sitting at the back of the packed court.

Zulfa was dressed in a black salaah top and colourful scarf.

Last month, Zulfa, who is imprisoned at Pollsmoor Correctional Facility, abandoned her bail application, saying she feared for her life.

This after she dropped the bombshell that she was pregnant again despite medical reports stating she wasn’t.

On Thursday, State Prosecutor Vukile Gontsana told the court the investigation is complete.

“The chain of statements and post-mortem reports are outstanding,” he said.

The case was eventually postponed so that the outstanding reports could be handed in.

The shocking delay comes as experts say forensic laboratories have a backlog of 4 000 cases.

And up to 800 new cases are added each week.

Zulfa led police on a wild goose chase when she claimed Tariq had vanished in the Town Centre Mall.

But the toddler’s body was found two days later, buried in a shallow grave in Eastridge on New Year’s Eve.

She then confessed to police, detailing how she suffocated him to death in the sand.

Angry protesters bayed for her blood, saying she could have sought help if she was in trouble.

“Zulfa is a murderer and she must rot in jail,” says Asa Manuel.

“But if she was troubled, she could have gone for help – she has no right to kill her children, every child has a right to life.”

The mob then shouted: “Wie, wie is sy, sy is Zulfa, sy is ’n moordenaar.” (Who, who is she, she is Zulfa, she is a murderer)

Jacobs’s father Shahied Jappie, together with Tariq’s paternal grandparents Farieda and Shamier Jacobs, accompanied by his aunt, Tawgheeda Davids, sat in the back benches.

Outside court, Shahied told the media he visited his daughter every weekend and that she could not explain her actions.

Meanwhile, Michael Jacobs, Chairperson of the Mitchell’s Plain Community Police Cluster Board said they were angered that important cases like that of Tariq were shelved while others were given preference.

He compared the case to that of slain UK bride Anni Dewani who was allegedly murdered by husband Shrien in Gugulethu in November 2010.

“When Anni Dewani was murdered, they finalised the autopsy results in weeks and we are calling on authorities to speed up these results so that justice can be served,” he says.

Even more shocking is the outstanding toxicology report of Tariq’s older brother, Sabre Jacobs, two – he died four years ago and the report is still not complete.

Police have yet to determine whether Sabre died after swallowing a toxic substance like Jik or ink.

Cops suspect Zulfa may have had a hand in his death but cannot charge her until the toxicology report is finalised.

Cops have also re-opened the investigation into the death of Sabre’s 21-month-old sister Naeelah who died of a suspected cot death nine years ago.

* This article was published in the Daily Voice