Police have uncovered one of the biggest hauls of copper in KwaZulu-Natal  more than R3 million worth of stolen cables stashed in a KwaMashu shack used as a warehouse.

Durban - The newly formed Msunduzi Municipality electricity theft task team is on a mission to eradicate copper cable theft.

On Wednesday, it seized a ton of suspected stolen infrastructure in a raid on Wayne’s Scrap Metal, a local metal dealership.

Agents on the team said underground cables worth about R50 000 had been found.

Lelani van den Berg, legal adviser in the office of the municipal manager, said the team had been following up another case at Wayne’s scrapyard when it saw what appeared to be cable being stripped.

Staff from the city’s electricity department identified the underground municipal cables by the serial numbers.

This was the second bust by the team in two weeks.

Daily News