A young boy was severely beaten with a sjambok and tortured with a pair of pliers that was used on his genitals,after he allegedly tried to steal drugs from a local dealer. Photo: Supplied


Kimberley - A young boy was severely beaten with a sjambok and tortured with a pair of pliers that were used on his genitals, after he allegedly tried to steal drugs from an alleged dealer in Stone Street, in Galeshewe on Sunday.

The boy’s back was covered with lash marks while he struggled to walk home after the assault. It is believed that several eyewitnesses unsuccessfully tried to intervene in preventing the beating.

A relative, Lucia Tshaka, who went to collect the 14-year-old boy from the house of the alleged drug dealer, said that his legs were shaking and that he was crying as a result of the excruciating pain.

He had to be taken to the Kimberley Hospital for medical treatment.

She said family members were still waiting for details on the extent of the injuries sustained, although it appeared as if the boy’s testicles were injured in the process.

“We tried to go to the house (where the incident took place) but when we arrived the suspect/s had already left and locked the house. The police were unable to search the premises for drugs. We do not know if this is the first time that he went to the house. How did the suspects know that the boy wanted to steal drugs?”

Another relative, Olga Tshaka, believed that the boy was just being naughty.

“His legs were shaking and he could hardly walk because of the beating. He is only a young child.”

A neighbour, Galaletsang Mokgosi, who helped to bring the boy home, believed that the vigilante violence that was used to mete out punishment, was uncalled for.

Lieutenant Andrea Cloete said the Kimberley Flying Squad was deployed to the scene, although the suspect had fled the scene upon their arrival.

“The police accompanied the boy and his mother to the hospital. As soon as he is discharged a charge will be opened.”

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