Cape Town 140304- Gillian Lamini( Cousin) with her 3 year old daughter Joy and Steven Plaatjies ( neighbour) speaks about the death of Garth Meyer who was shot in Beacon Valley, Mitchellsplain last night. Picture Cindy waxa. Reporter Zodidi/ Argus

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A boy, 17, who saw two people shot dead in Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain, on Monday, says he is afraid the killers will return for him.

“If they come for me, how am I going to protect myself?”

The teenager, who was too scared to be named, was playing soccer with his cousin, Garth Meyer, 18, in a field off Ludo Street when they were caught in the crossfire of a shootout between the Mongrels and 28s gangs.

Meyer was killed, along with Mongrels member Faizal Essop, 24.

Essop and two friends were smoking cigarettes in the field when two armed men, apparently members of the 28s gang, approached.

“They came towards the Mongrels and starting firing,” said the teen. “The next thing I saw Garth and (Essop) were on the ground. The two other Mongrels ran away.”

During the commotion the teen fell to the ground, pretending he had been shot.

“The one guy came to my side as if to check if I was really dead, so I closed my eyes. He then went over to where the fallen Mongrel was and fired several shots into his head.”

The armed men fled in a silver car.

Gillian Lamini, Meyer’s sister, said her brother did not deserve to die in such a way because he was not a gangster. “He was a good child who never defied his elders.”

Resident Steven Plaatjies said: “This area has always belonged to the Mongrels. For years I have been living here and we did not experience such cruelty, but now that the 28s are here innocent people are dying. Why?”

Essop’s aunt, Faeeza Brenna, accused a 28s gang leader of threatening her: “I know him because we all grew up together. He called me, warning me not get involved because he knows I work with young children in the area.”

While Essop was being buried on Tuesday, shots were fired in nearby Netball Crescent, residents say by members of the 28s.

In another incident in Athlone on Tuesday, a 16-year-old boy was shot dead and a 31-year-old male was wounded in a gang shootout in Klapperbos Street, Kewtown.

Robert Daniels, of EMS, said the teen died on the scene. The man was hit in the arm.

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