325 25/06/2012 A forensic crime scene investigator removes some rocks and sand from a hole that was dug by the investigators at the home in Kenilworth where a letter was found confessing to the murder of Tandiwe Betty Ketani which occurred 13 years ago. Police are hoping to find more evidence to help them solve this cold case. Picture: Ihsaan Haffejee

Johannesburg - The stateneeds to wait for the results of DNA tests on bones found in a shallow grave before they can proceed with the 13-year-old murder case of Betty Ketani.

Five of the six men accused of playing different roles in the murder stood in the dock at the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The case was postponed to October 18 as the state asked for more time in its investigation, and said “we do not expect the [DNA] results in the next month”.

It is unclear whether this is the same shallow grave that was discovered in Booysens earlier this year, which is believed to contain Ketani’s body.

One of the accused, Conway Brown, was not present as he had apparently not been transferred from Sun City Prison that morning.

He will appear before a magistrate tomorrow for his case to be postponed to the same date as his co-accused.

In May, a letter discovered in a Kenilworth home during renovations confessed to the murder of Ketani and implicated others in her death. The letter apparently also detailed other murders.

She was abducted in 1999, allegedly because of a CCMA dispute she had had with Cranks restaurant in Rosebank, her employer at the time.

She was shot in the head but survived and was taken to a hospital in Vereeniging.

Two of the accused then managed again to kidnap her from the hospital and murdered her, before her body was encased in concrete at the house where the letter was eventually found. However, it was then moved again.

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