Cape Town:24/01/16: Cops are still looking for evedence at the scene .An attempted hijacking took place in the parking of Promenate mall close to McDonalds in Mitchells Plain and a robber was shot dead during the attempt. pic Patrick story Genevieve

Cape Town - The fate of a man who is being hailed as a hero after killing a hijacker, is hanging in the balance.

The unknown man, who shot and killed an armed robber after he hijacked the driver of a bakkie at Liberty Promenade Mall in Mitchells Plain last week, has still not been arrested.

Police say the matter has been referred to the Senior State Prosecutor, who will decide whether the shooter will be prosecuted or not.

But cop sources tell the Daily Voice they are rooting for the man, and want prosecutors to leave him alone.

It’s believed top police officials held a meeting at the Mitchells Plain Police Station this week, where they called for a murder investigation to be changed to an inquest docket.

A source told the Daily Voice they want mercy for the hero because they believe he “acted in self-defence”.

The source also confirmed that the man’s firearm was legal.

Cape Flats residents have also been rallying for the unknown man on social media, calling for him to be awarded and not punished.

Facebook user Pearl Machelm said: “He should not be convicted for murder, he should get a medal.

“The hijacker would probably have killed the victim of the car and even more people.

“[Criminals] think nothing of human lives. “

The drama played out on Saturday night, when a man was hijacked in the parking lot near McDonald’s.

The hijacker had dragged the driver out of his Opel Corsa bakkie but before he could escape, an armed member of the public took action and a shootout ensued.

It was over moments later when the hero shot the hijacker in the head.

The driver of the bakkie was hit in the leg but survived.

Images of the dead hijacker, who cops confirmed was a known thief, went viral on social media.

Now State prosecutors have the difficult task deciding whether the hero will be charged with murder and face a trial, or if he should walk free.

Constable Noloyiso Rwexana said the case has been sent to the senior prosecutor: “This office can confirm a criminal case has been opened for investigation.

“However, the docket has been referred to the Senior Public Prosecutor for a decision on prosecution.”

Cops have yet to reveal the dead hijacker’s identify.