Cape Town 25/08/12 Indian pregnant woman with her boyfriend claims she was allegedly raped by a white male in Parklands.Story Megan Baadjies. Pix Jack Lestrade.

Cape Town - A pregnant mother of three was allegedly abducted and sexually assaulted as she walked home from church.

And in a shocking twist, her plan to lure the man to police backfired and she was attacked by him again.

The 35-year-old Parklands woman says she was violated before she could get away from her attacker last Thursday.

She says a man in a silver Toyota Tazz offered her a lift home when he saw her walking close to Parklands Main Road.

“I had a food parcel in my hand which I got at church and he asked if he could give me a lift because he could see I’m struggling,” she says.

The man told the seven-month pregnant woman he belonged to the same church.

“I didn’t know him and because he said he was from the church, I thought he was genuine,” she says.

She got in his car but he drove past her stop. “He said he had to stop somewhere urgent but that he would bring me back home,” the mom explains.

“We stopped at a house in Avonlea Close where he opened an automated garage door and parked his car inside.

“I started to panic because I realised I was trapped.” The man, who claimed he is a sex therapist, told her to wait inside the house.

She says he then unzipped his pants and tried to force her hand on his genitals.

“I pulled my hand away and he continued masturbating,” she says. “I panicked but I didn’t know how to get out.” The woman says after about an hour of him touching himself and trying to touch her, he took her home.

Relieved to be safe, she told her fiancé about the alleged attack. The couple then tried to lure the man but their plan backfired when she ended up back at his house. “I met him again after 1pm,” she explains. “When I got into the car, he sped off before my fiancé could get to us.

“I wasn’t as panicked because I gave my partner all the details [of where he lives].” Back in the house, she noticed wedding photos.

“I saw his wedding photos and a bookrack with a lot of Bibles on it,” she says.

“This time he forced me into the bedroom. “I screamed, thinking there was someone inside the house. “He forced himself on top of me and pushed his fingers inside my vagina.

“When he was done and he reached orgasm, he apologised and offered to give me money because I cried.” The man then let her go.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel André Traut says the man has been arrested.

“A case of rape is being investigated by the FCS unit,” Traut says.