2365 The two accused of the rape of two Paramedics listenning to the judgement at the Johannesburg High Court, the matter has been postponed till tommrow 9am. Picture: Mujahid Safodien 18 07 2012

 Two men were found guilty of raping two paramedics by the High Court in Johannesburg on Thursday.

“They are found guilty,” Judge Sherise Erica Wiener said.

Richard Tshifhiwa Luruli, 29, and Michael Khorombi, 30, raped the two women paramedics when they responded to an emergency call to help a toddler with burn wounds in Durban Deep, Roodepoort, in March 2010.

The pair was also found guilty of robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm, and compelling another to perform a sexual assault. The men had tried to force a 20-year-old passerby to rape one of the women.

On Wednesday, Wiener said the evidence of Luruli and Khorombi was contradictory and evasive. The account given by the State's witnesses was credible and they corroborated one another, she said. - Sapa