Sthembiso Mathe, 35, who was shot in the head and arm.
Sthembiso Mathe, 35, who was shot in the head and arm.

Durban - Policeare probing a deadly shooting at a Sydenham informal settlement at the weekend.

Two men died and three others were injured when a gunman opened fire in the Claridge Road Informal settlement near a tuck shop.

Police found six spent cartridges at the scene.

Sthembiso Mathe, 35, who was shot in the head and arm, died at the scene while Sbonelo Hadebe, 23, died in hospital at 2am on Saturday. He was shot in the leg and arm.

Police have not yet identified the three injured men. Two of them are in hospital.

Mathe’s sister, Ntombifuthi Mathe, and Hadebe’s aunt, Pretty Hadebe, said both men lived in different areas of the settlement and had gone to buy something to drink from a nearby tuck shop.

Ntombifuthi said the area near the tuck shop was dark and from what residents told them, the shooter had come with a torch. She said they were not sure what had happened.

“It happened very fast and people were falling over one another,” she said.

“Mathe must have looked into the light to see what was going on. We believe that’s when he was shot.”

Mathe, worked in Felix Dlamini (Brickfield) Road for a wholesale business.

“We became concerned when we heard gunshots and he did not return. Residents notified us that people had been shot so we went there,” Ntombifuthi said. “He was lying near the shop covered in blood.”

Mathe’s wife Londiwe said her husband had wanted to improve his life and earn more money to support his children. He had obtained his learner’s licence and was looking forward to getting his driving licence before June. He was also looking forward to spending time with Nomvelo, their baby.

Pretty said she had been told shots had been fired and everyone had scrambled to avoid being hit. “We were scared to come out of our homes. We were unaware that he (Sbonelo) had been shot.”

Hadebe was unemployed.

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