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Cape Town - An intricate drug-dealing network in the South Peninsula has been exposed in an undercover security investigation aided by a special agent from the US consulate.

Two recent arrests on Boyes Drive showed drug deals were taking place along the scenic route.

One of those taken into custody was a US citizen, apparently linked to the US consulate. The suspect was found with an identification card bearing the words: “US Consulate Gen Cape Town”.

The US embassy declined to comment.

The arrests have highlighted the growing drug-trade problem in seaside suburbs along the South Peninsula.

Allan Dillon, one of the founders of the security company Mountain Men, said an observation unit based on the mountainside above Lakeside had become aware of drug-dealing along Boyes Drive.

In January the observation unit noticed a particular car would park on Boyes Drive and be joined by another vehicle.

The occupants of both would then sit in one car and an exchange would happen.

“In the next week we saw the same behaviour,” said Dillon.

“A transaction took place and we managed to intercept one of the cars – but the dealer (the first to park) got away.”

The intercepted car, a silver Toyota, was stopped in Lakeside and searched and a woman arrested.

Dillon said drugs were found in the car, leading them to surmise the person in the car to get away was probably selling drugs.

On February 19, the car was again seen on Boyes Drive where it was soon joined by another.

There appeared to be an exchange of money and a package between the drivers.

Mountain Men teams then pounced.

“We found narcotics and money in the car of the (alleged buyer).When we searched the (apparent dealer’s) car we found drugs hidden in the dashboard,” said Dillon.

Cocaine and tik were found.

Both men, one from Capricorn and the other from a nearby private estate, were arrested.

Dillon said it emerged that the man from the security estate had a spouse at the US consulate. He said a federal officer from the consulate had been involved in the investigation.

A post on the Mountain Men’s Facebook page states: “We would like to commend and thank the special agent based at the US Consulate General for his interest and investigation in this matter.”

This week US embassy spokeswoman Cynthia Harvey declined to comment on the arrest of a US citizen or the involvement of a special agent in the investigation.

“As this is an open case, we refer you to the South African Police Service, who are leading the investigation,” she said.

“Due to law enforcement sensitivities and privacy considerations, we are unable to provide further information.”

Police said two suspects, one a US citizen and another a Malawian, were arrested on Boyes Drive for tik and crack cocaine possession. The docket relating to the US citizen had been sent to the director of public prosecutions to see if further action would be taken.

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