Police found a car guard tied to a tractor wheel rim in an Overport building storeroom. He is alleged to have repeatedly hit the landlord with a brick, causing serious injuries.

Durban - Police had to rescue a car guard on Thursday, who had been tied up to a tractor wheel rim in the back of a block of flats after he allegedly hit the landlord on the head with a brick.

The car guard and two employees at the block of flats in Overport were arrested.

The landlord, Farhaad Joosab, was in the intensive care unit, his brother, Dr Yakoob Joosab, said today.

 “We were fortunate that he did not suffer any brain damage. There was only a small bleed on his brain.”

He said his brother had fractured eye sockets and nose, and that he would undergo facial reconstructive surgery on Monday.

According to a source, there was an argument, after which the guard allegedly struck Joosab several times on the head with a brick.

Friends of the landlord came to his aid and took him to hospital.

It is alleged that some men caught the car guard and assaulted him with a broomstick before tying him to a tractor rim with a rope.

Police, who responded after receiving an anonymous call via 10111, said the car guard claimed he had been locked in a storeroom from about 3.30pm until he was rescued in the evening.

When police arrived, an angry crowd greeted them, baying for the blood of the car guard.

Constables Mohammed Rasool and EB Sosibo went to the back of the building through a narrow passage and called out in English and Zulu, to which the car guard replied in Zulu, ngingalana (I am here).

They found a tractor tyre in front of the roller shutter door near where they heard his voice.

After getting an employee of the building to open the lock and push the tyre aside, police found the car guard tied to a tractor wheel rim.

Rasool freed the car guard.

Police questioned the car guard and he pointed out two men in the crowd who had allegedly assaulted him and tied him to the rim.

The car guard was charged with assault, while two employees of the landlord were charged at Mayville SAPS with kidnapping and assault.

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