Johannesburg - Running battles, rubber bullets, tear gas and burning tires littered Eldorado Park and the Golden Highway on Monday morning.

Residents in the area said they were sick and tired of no housing, no jobs and poor service delivery in the area.

"The crime rate here is higher than the job availability. We turn to crime because we have no other choice. We have to feed our children and our families," said one resident who only identified himself as Marvin.

Children trying to get to school had to run through rocks and rubber bullets that were being exchanged between residents and police.

Several times police had to fire tear gas and stun grenades to push the crowds back.

Another resident who asked to remain anonymous said that the reason they were protesting was because newer areas around Eldorado Park have better housing and infrastructure while "Eldos residents have been fighting for better conditions for decades".

"We have people living 20 on a property in shacks and zozo huts because of the lack housing.

"It's wrong and unfair," he said.

The Star's journalists took refuge several times in residents homes as the situation intensified and became dangerous.

Community leaders said this was a joint protest between Eldorado Park and Freedom Park.

The leaders held a meeting on Sunday night and the ward councillor for the area didn't arrive which led to Monday's protest.

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